The Yorkshire Post

August 05, 2018

“There was a real need for a product which genuinely helped people keep cool, even when the temperature soars.” 


August 01, 2018

“Hemingway Tailors, whichhas itsheadquartersin Leeds but alsohas a base in London, waschosenas the first UK supplier by the team behindthe patentedINDUO® fabric… »

Pure London

June 30, 2018

« PURPOSE produces high quality shirts made from INDUO® fabric which resists stains and perspiration. »

Drapers Online

July 19, 2018

“There has been fewer people than the winter edition, but the visitors are all high quality and people really are looking for something specific,” said Pauline Guesné, co-founder of French technical fabric manufacturer Induo.

Tech in Africa

May 17, 2018

«According to Induo’s co-founder Pauline Guesné, making decisions together with business partners is compared to burden sharing. She adds that she always feel great when getting a late night call from a satisfied client »


May 14, 2018

« Global Startup Bootcamp at Arab Luxury World: From dreamer to achiever, PaulineGuesné, co-founder of  INDUO®, shares a story of how she turned her passion into a successful startup and dealt with pressure along the way ! »


May 14, 2018

“For Pauline Guesné, co-founder, Induo, those people are her business partner and customers. “Making decisions together [with a business partner] is like sharing the burden,” she says. ”

Women of Wearables

May 06, 2018

“Pauline Guesnefrom Induo: A young and driven French women who answers, thanks to her amazing textile technology, a real market need. She has developed the Induotechnology: stain and sweat resistant fabrics.”


May 02, 2018

Julien Hawari, Co-CEO of Mediaquest, says:

“[...] Our idea is to recognize the best talent that is disrupting the sectors of retail, fashion, art, and lifestyle through innovative means.”


May 01, 2018

“Carefully pre-selected in cooperation with leading accelerators in London, […], 25 finalists have proved outstanding potential and motivation to develop their technologies in the Middle East. Alcméon, Blippar, BLUMENLAB, EuroPass, INDUO….”


March 07, 2018

“Anything relating to new technologies meets with resounding success.”  - Chloé Vanesse, former iNDUO Business Strategist


February 07, 2018

“Their first technology is a fabric resistant to stain and sweat that prevents underarm rings and odors, while preserving the same touch and comfort than any other high-end cotton “


January 30, 2018

«Induo, a maker of cotton shirt fabric enhanced with invisible technology. »


January 01, 2018

« Amazingly, these characteristics change nothing in the fabric’s hand and actually make it more appealing to the touch. »

Fashion Innovation Agency

August 08, 2017

« INDUO® fabric is manufactured with patented technology and is resistant to stains and perspiration, while preserving the same feel and comfort as any other high-end cotton »

Attire Club

July 05, 2017

« What is so special about INDUO® ? Let's just say it doesn't stain. That is right, the shirt we've all been waiting for is now on the market. »

Munchies by Vice

January 06, 2017

« A cotton shirt claims to be stain and smell-repellent. »

The Huffington Post

October 04, 2016

« INDUO® developps high performance fabric for fashion. » 

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