Find everything you need to know about INDUO fabrics!




How can a spot be removed?

If you get a spot on your garment, pour water on it to remove it but do not rub it. The fabric’s resistance to spots works for all kinds of liquids (wine, coffee, sauces).



Is it as efficient for dark spots like chocolate?

As long as the spot is liquid it can be rinsed with water, no matter what colour it is.



What happens when the spot isn’t liquid?

If the spot isn’t liquid, there is no guarantee that the fabric’s patented qualities will work. However spots caused by semi-liquids such as ketchup, honey or chocolate can generally be removed by pouring a lot of water on the fabric.




What is “breathability” and how does it work?



Will sweat rings form?

The fabric is breathable, it strongly diminishes rings, outside of specific medical situations or extreme conditions. If a ring does form, it can rapidly disappear without leaving an odour when you go to a cool, dry place.



Does the fabric prevent the wearer from perspiring?

No, the fabric does not react on your body. However, it helps limit the formation of sweat rings and odours.



Can I wear a garment in INDUO® fabric to go to work on a bicycle?

INDUO® fabric was conceived for everyday garments. It cannot replace a sport T-shirt.



What about odours?

Perspiration odours don’t come from perspiration but from bacteria. Odours develop when perspiration stagnates. INDUO® prevents perspiration from being absorbed and stored in the fabric’s fibres. Thus you will avoid unpleasant odours.




Does the fabric keep you warm?

INDUO® fabric will not keep you warmer that a traditional cotton fabric.



Does the fabric have a specific look or hand? 

Clients who’ve tested an INDUO® fabric are surprised by its softness and comfort. Our studies show that its hand is similar to those of the best fabrics in the market.



Is the fabric transparent?

INDUO® fabric has a good opacity. There’s no need to wear an undershirt underneath it. However that depends on each person’s preferences.




Does the fabric present a health or environmental risk?

All products used in making the fabric and all manufacturing procedures are REACh (the European Union standard) certified. The objectives of these standards are to protect consumers from health and environmental risks.



Does the fabric have any allergic or dermatological risks?

All the molecules we use are known, authorized and have been used for a long time in the military and medical fields. To our knowledge, our fabric has never caused an allergic or dermatological reaction.




Can I put my INDUO® fabric garment in the washing machine?

Yes, in a standard washing program at 40°C maximum.



Should I wash my INDUO® fabric garment before wearing it the first time?

We suggest you wash your garment once before you wear it so it will be softer.



Can I have my INDUO® fabric garment dry-cleaned?

Yes, you can have your INDUO® fabric garment dry-cleaned since it won’t damage the fabric.



Does INDUO® fabric lose its properties after a certain number of machine washings?

The fabric’s properties react like a fabric dye: they lose some intensity over time but their qualities remain as long as you follow the care instructions.



What cleaning products can I use on the garment?

We recommend not using bleach, stain-removers or whitening products (detergent, powders, wipes). Since INDUO® is resistant to stains, they shouldn’t be needed.




How can I dry my INDUO® fabric garment?

INDUO fabric dries quickly. We suggest that you put your garment on a hanger when you take it out of the machine. This will make it easier to iron.



Can I put my INDUO® fabric garment in the dryer?

Do not put. Dryers damage textiles and can reduce the INDUO® fabric’s performance.




Can I iron my INDUO® fabric garment?

We suggest you iron your garment:

- At the maximum temperature if it is made in 100% cotton

- At a moderate temperature (maximum 150° indicated by 2 points on the iron dial) if it is 98% cotton and 2% elastane (stretch cotton).



How can I iron my INDUO® fabric garment?

To make ironing easier, we suggest that you generously spray water on the fabric before ironing it.