The Improbable Idea

Sébastien, the co-founder of INDUO®  is very athletic. On Sunday, while he was mountain-climbing, he had a thought of the upcoming morning meeting on Monday. This was not a pleasant thought. But yet, this thought has nothing do with the contents of that meeting. For him, an avalanche is less worrying than a meeting with investors... So, you are going to ask why? Quite simply, it is because, of all his concerns about the heat he will get and the rings that may form on the shirt, which meant the inability to take off his jacket all day to cover them up.

So he wondered why the outfits he wears on a daily basis fail? Meanwhile, his sportswear gives him the necessary confidence?


So Sébastien looked for a solution. Among all the options available, none of the fabrics never met his expectations. Generally, the feel was of the fabric was not up to par... So he asked himself the following question: How to create a high-performance shirt fabric while maintaining the same feel as a classic shirt?



R&D in the North of France

From April 2014,  Sébastien joined Innotex, the incubator of the European Center for Innovative Textiles (CETI) in the North of France. For the next 2 years, the project focused exclusively on research and development, assisted by experts from CETI and ENSAIT (Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Arts et Industries Textiles) This phase resulted in the filing of a patent in March 2016. And since,  the INDUO® fabric was born: a high-end fabric that resists stains and perspiration.

Arrival In Store



Next was the industrialisation phase where INDUO® globally sought partners capable of carrying out our innovative production process on a large scale. INDUO® ultimately structured its production line in Taiwan.

Pauline joined Sébastien in this great adventure and opened a sales and marketing office in Paris. Then came the marketing phase in June 2016. The success was immediate, the pressed publicised on this matter, and several brands sought to include the INDUO® fabric in their selection. The first to launch our fabric were tailor-made brands, and small designers who did not have the constraints from their collections of ready-to-wear brands. Finally, in September 2016, INDUO® fabrics shirts were available for the first customers.